To ensure everyone has a fun and safe time at our Iron Gym clubs

we have some rules in place that members and visitors must adhere to:

The Iron Rule:

Treat others how you would like to be treated

Use it or lose it:

Use one machine or piece of equipment at a time and allow others to use equipment in-between your sets. However, super-sets are always understandable.

Share equipment, not sweat:

Always wipe down and put away equipment when you are done using it. This is for the safety of yourself, others and staff. You MUST always bring a towel. Entry to the club can be refused at the discretion of staff.

Eye on the prize, not someone else:

Don’t stare at, crowd or touch someone else.

No pain doesn’t mean no gain:

Use proper technique and know your body’s limits to avoid injury.

No roadblocks:

Keep your bag and equipment out of the way of others. Please use the shelves provided or ask our staff.

Don’t cause an earthquake:

Avoid dropping heavy weights and making unnecessary and excessively loud grunting or machine usage.

Appropriate gym dress:

Wear clean clothing and athletic shoes. Keep the flip-flops for the beach and the boots for work.

No personal butlers provided:

Clean up after yourself, and don’t leave weights hanging around. Chalk creates a mess, clean it up or don’t use it. Cleaning fees will apply.

Train hard and have a good time:

Iron Gym is made specifically for you. Train in our facility, and let’s all create a good vibe.

If you have any questions, please check out the

FAQ page